I am Arendorous.

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In a burst of creative passion, I have decided to enter the world of the web log.  My topic: World of Warcraft.

I have been playing the game off and on since early 2009, starting with my Tauren Shaman, Arendorous on Korgath.  Before then, I saw two of my brothers playing the game somewhat extensively, and learned quite a bit about the game before I even started.  At this point, I am beginning to experience Wrath of the Lich King content, with a growing disgust of Utgarde Keep (thank you, ‘random’ dungeon finder).  A bit more importantly, I have had the chance to taste most of Azeroth before the return of Deathwing comes to cause the Cataclysm that will change Azeroth as the World of Warcraft once knew it (except for other expansion content, which I have seen very little of compared to those who have played more).  Once the Cataclysm occurs (sometime in the next few months), I will be just as new to the world as everyone else, and will continue to blog about my experiences in the wonderful virtual world that millions have grown rather fond of.

I am also an avid Wowhead user, and often look to WoWWiki for more information about lore and other interesting facets of Azeroth and Draenor.  WoW.com and various blogs also provide interesting and important information that I use to improve my gameplay.  For those interested in my Game User Interface, I use very few addons to simplify certain facets of the game, like QA3 for mass auctions (saves a lot of space) and ElitistGroup to track who I’ve met in randoms.

Which brings me to my first tale:

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Today was another day in which I got to experience one of the wonderful aspects of the world of Azeroth.

First, the Midsummer Fireworks under the night sky in Orgrimmar concluded the Midsummer Festival with an hourly show, and I watched the whole thing, just to experience it.

Immediately after that, I finished up the experience in level 72 and dinged level 73.  I then picked up my new spells and hit the random dungeon finder to see if I get into a new one.  Instead, five seconds later (impossible for anyone who queues as damage), I get into a Nexus instance with an amazing level 80 Druid tanking in mass, just to maximize experience.  What was amazing is that there were no deaths and we cleared the whole dungeon extremely fast.  For this, I thank Krispytoast of Chromaggus, Skinnypete of Akama, Valeine of Chromaggus, and Quantain of Rexxar.

In summary, it is possible for wondrous things to happen, even in the World of Warcraft.

Happy Independence Day!

In Search of Lost Flora… (Also, Discovery of Things Past)

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Instead of the usual random PuGging, I have been exploring some of the other aspects of the World of Warcraft, from leveling my Herbalism and Inscription, to exploring various regions of Azeroth and Outland, to running routes in Dalaran for Higher Learning, all the while trying to make money for Artisan Riding, Cold Weather Flying, and Dual-Specialization.

Also, there has been a shift for the better in which random dungeons I have gotten, as I got into more Nexus instances, and I have finally experienced my first time in Azjol-Nerub.  On that note, I must say that, as a first impression, it is rather short for a three-boss dungeon, but the individual fights seem very drawn-out.  This view may change after more runs.

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