Today was another day in which I got to experience one of the wonderful aspects of the world of Azeroth.

First, the Midsummer Fireworks under the night sky in Orgrimmar concluded the Midsummer Festival with an hourly show, and I watched the whole thing, just to experience it.

Immediately after that, I finished up the experience in level 72 and dinged level 73.  I then picked up my new spells and hit the random dungeon finder to see if I get into a new one.  Instead, five seconds later (impossible for anyone who queues as damage), I get into a Nexus instance with an amazing level 80 Druid tanking in mass, just to maximize experience.  What was amazing is that there were no deaths and we cleared the whole dungeon extremely fast.  For this, I thank Krispytoast of Chromaggus, Skinnypete of Akama, Valeine of Chromaggus, and Quantain of Rexxar.

In summary, it is possible for wondrous things to happen, even in the World of Warcraft.

Happy Independence Day!

~ by Dayne on July 5, 2010.

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