Aspirations for the Cataclysm

You can read about some of my experience in WoW in my opening post, and I’d like to explain where I plan to go from here in my Azerothian adventures.

First of all, I’d like to leave Korgath.

The reason I want to get out of Korgath

Korgath Trade Trolls

  1. Trolls abound in Trade Chat.  I’m not racist, that’s just what the internet calls them.  I don’t have anything against the Horde’s most laid-back and loyal ally, who gave up old practices (Cannibalism and Voodoo) to make peace with others.  I hope to find a realm with less Trade Trolls, or at least less aggressive ones.
  2. I’m not too fond of PvP.  I only went to Korgath because my brothers played on it, but they have moved elsewhere, and so shall I.
  3. I would prefer a lower population realm on a higher population battlegroup.  That just seems strategically advantageous for queuing.
  4. DEATH KINGS is merely my brother’s banking guild, and I’d rather be in a guild that I like.  I have been deprived from that in my experiences.

Where to? Please, suggest a realm!  I definitely want a PvE realm that suits the central US time zone, possibly role-playing.

Next, I’d like to be in a nice guild.  I feel that an RP guild may cause pressure, so my hope is to find a guild that is laid-back (like the Darkspear clan) and helpful, yet also ambitious.  I’m sure it’s out there. I have joined Makes Good Sammiches, a nice guild with the occasional funny found in chat.  Once I change realms, I may look for a guild like this one, but perhaps more active.

I want to get everything out of the old and interesting material in Azeroth before the Cataclysm, particularly Exploration and other achievements, with some of the lore bits thrown in as well.

When Cataclysm comes out, I want to try out Worgen.  Goblins are less interesting to me; I’m not sure why.  The Warlock class interests me, and I’ve tried it out on a gnome, but a Mage, Druid or Hunter may suit my tastes more.  Thus, part of my preparations will be finding out which class I want.  I’ve started a Paladin, Hunter, Warrior, Death Knight, and Warlock, and I have found the casting play style more to my liking, and when I get the money for dual-spec on Arendorous, I will delve into Restoration and advanced healing.

That’s it.

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